Friday, April 30, 2010

Hershey & Moss

Sorry the pic is late, it's been a busy weekend!

Hershey was enjoying a nice afternoon. I can only assume she was eating the moss, and nothing else.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ps. I was robbed

so i have been trying to move and work full time, so my life has been insane. i've been taking my photos, but haven't been able to upload them.

well, now they will never be, because 2 weeks after moving in to my new apartment, we got robbed..

my laptop & camera were everything to me. i have come to terms with the materialistic loss. it's going to be about a $3000 hit, but it's all just stuff, right?
what disturbs me is the invasion and loss of everything on my laptop.
i literally feel like i have been personally violated.

i created a facebook note detailing the events & items stolen. i am going to paste it here, which is going to create an extremely long post. i'm really sorry...

I moved into my apartmen in the middle of April. 2 weeks later we got broken into.
Roommate 1 had her rent money stolen.
Roommate 2 had her laptop & webcam stolen. (she thinks it was a grey & black toshiba)
I had my laptop & camera stolen.

This theft happened on upper prince street around 1pm. They climbed in through a bedroom window that was open a crack.

My camera was brand new. I bought it around august. I don't even have it paid off. It was a canon T1i with a much older 18-55mm lens & a UV filter. This is odd because it's the kit lens from my old camera and all new cameras have the image stabalizing feature.
The strap (likely removed) has lots of awesome buttons.
My laptop is a 15 inch MacBook pro. The battery isnot an apple brand battery. The trackpad & keypad is well used. I had lots of stickers on the outside so there may be residue or scratch marks where they removed the sticker. It is also missing the front 2 feet on the bottom.

We've taken all of the required steps so far. Now it's just pray like fucking hell it shows up.

My life is on that laptop. I'm lost without my camera

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sunset à la bus stop


here's a picture of a bus stop. and a parking lot. and buildings. and clouds. and a lil bit o light.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Moe's House

Or at least, the side of it. Avec flowers or something growing there too.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

hey it's winston (and legs)

One of my long time best friends, who I hadn't really seen since October got in touch with me's funny how quickly we fall back into our old routine. It's like we last talked just a day or two ago. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

He got a new dog. His name is Winston :)

He's borrowing my old rebel now, to document him growing up. We're going to the park next weekend so I can give him a crash course in how to use it.


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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Strange Faces

While playing Carcassonne last night, Krista made some odd faces. Blogged!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

hey it's moe

So, I'm back from PEI. The meeting with Holland College went really well! so I applied. I'm pretty excited! They have a lot of neat equipment and facilities, and the program seems really interesting.

I got to see Martin & Kim too! And Martin's girlfriend, Krista. It was a fun time! We went to trivia on Tuesday, and watched Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog last night.

I also bugged Moe a lot while she was working. Sorry, Moe.

a moe appears

So that's twice in two months I've had to say goodbye to ya'll. It really doesn't get easier.

I'm sure we'll meet again in the summer


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Zooming while taking a picture of our table and cat Blink. I was playing around with zooming or walking while taking a shot.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

prints prints prints

Hey. Here are a bunch of prints!

portfolio prints

I'm putting together a portfolio to show to holland college on wednesday. stressful.


Sunday, April 18, 2010


I picked up mail that had been accumulating at our old place for some time (whoops) and forgot I had ordered a Galileoscope! I can't wait to play with this some night, and maybe even see if I can get the camera somehow hooked up!

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Saturday, April 17, 2010


i moved today. it's a pretty sweet apartment. i'm really glad i found it.

...but this is the first night in awhile that i didn't go to bed with a purring kitty by my pillow.

when i moved to halifax i missed him, but not like this. i guess before, he was still youthful & active, but in the last 2 months he has really gone downhill. he lives in my room. he lost a LOT of weight. he doesn't play. his appetite went downhill. he doesn't even drool when i pet him...

now i know that his days are numbered, i can SEE it. i feel like i'm wasting them by leaving and my heart aches. we've been through a lot of homes together.
a lot of lives.

he's my itty bitty kitty. my old man cat.
i can bury my head in his side. nuzzle the top of his head. pet his belly. wrap my arm around him & fall asleep.
he'll never squirm away, he trusts me that much.

my kitty-less new room:

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Said the Whale

I meant to post this earlier but had serious computer issues (complete hard drive failure. spent all day today recovering)

I saw said the whale at the seahorse friday night. great band.

Said the Whale #2

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Protestant Sunset

While feeding eelatsirks cats I noticed there was a bit of a sunset happening, so I went over to the Protestant Cemetary to see if I could get some shots. I'll have to go back again, there is lots of potential there!

And bonus crows!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

lunch time with moe

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eye surgery, 4 days later

I know, another eye pic, but it looks too cool to not take pictures of :(

I went for a walk with the dog today, first time outdoors since the operation, and it feels fine. No pain really at all anymore. I did take a photo of the dog but eh, I can do that any time. I won't have terminator eye forever!! :P

eye surgery, 4 days later

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Fun Testing

I tested a coworkers app during lunch today, it's a gps based RPG, very cool. It gives me some motivation to think about coding some things in my "spare" time again.

Too bad the screens don't handle being out in the sun very well...

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

look up, look waaaay up...

saturday night i hopped in the car with martin & his girlfriend. we went to sackville, new brunswick to see daniel, fred & julie. it was a pretty great show. definitely worth the trip. sackville is a cute little town. delicious coffee! charlottetown could learn a few things.
i can't find a cup of coffee that i actually enjoy here.

today i went for a walk to get milk. possibly the quietest sunday in awhile.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Eye surgery, 24 hours later

Warning: the photo below will be kind of gross if you're squeamish

So, I had eye surgery yesterday. I had strabismus in my left eye, causing it to drift outward severely most / all of the time (basically a lazy eye). It was a big problem for me personally, especially socially. Most people were cool about it, but it still bothered me when I noticed people noticing it and having difficulty deciding where they should be looking when talking to me and stuff.

And of course, there have been a few people that weren't so nice to me about it. I've had teachers back in high school assume I was mentally challenged, people assume I have a glass eye, and people who just would ask awkward offensive questions. I just didn't want to deal with it anymore.

It should have been fixed as a child but my parents didn't really deal with it properly. If it's caught early enough, it can be corrected without surgery and you can recover your stereo vision, but by the time I was old enough to realize what was going on / make my own medical decisions it was already permanent and proper binocular vision would be impossible, so it was really just a cosmetic thing for me. It was a combination of general laziness and it not being too incredibly urgent that it took so long for me to get things going. I started inquiring about surgery In august of 2008, so it's taken 19? months to go through the entire process, but it really picked up in the last month or so (I had seen 5 ophthalmologists and spoke to the surgeon twice since mid february.)

I'm really happy so far. It's super red but I know that will go away. It is really strange looking at myself in a mirror though, and seeing both eyes look back generally straight. They over corrected inwards a tiny bit because it does have a tendency to drift back over time, which means it'll drift back to center, but it's hard to notice that. It'll be about 10 weeks before it's actually in it's "permanent" spot (the surgery itself isn't permanent, but will last for 5-10 years I'm told, so still worth it to me.)

There were two surgeons, and they were both really cool. I was awake and fully aware the whole time, which was scary at first, but I really couldn't feel a thing. We talked about music & photography, and also where to meet women downtown :P

There were a few scary bits, like one time they asked everyone to be quiet due to a critical point in the procedure, and another time they were talking amongst themselves, and they were concerned about puncturing the globe, but they trailed off when they realized I could hear them, heh. (do not google "deflated eye globe" whatever you do)'s the photo! Sorry about the novel.

eye surgery, 24 hours later

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Dinner

I tried to make Pad Thai, but I wasn't very happy with the recipe. Will try to find a more authentic one another time. It was still pretty good though!

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Thursday, April 8, 2010


my kernels are panicking!

i was just thinking earlier today on my stroll home that this blog, so far, has sort of served the purpose i had in mind.
i'm looking at the world around me through a camera, not just at whatever band is playing on stage.

high five.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

in the woods

This is the path through the woods that I walk to get home sometimes.

It can be kinda scary :(

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fast Bike

Was just in for its first big tune up since I got it in 2007. Now it is fast again! Since I'm putting over 100km a month on it just for commuting to work, fast is good.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

om nom nom

i've had this incredibly sore spot right on my spine. it doesn't always hurt, but often enough to be a concern. if you ran your finger slowly along my spine, it would make me gasp if you'd hit that one spot.
i asked my doctor about it years ago. i think he mumbled something about an x-ray, and not really knowing what was wrong, and it's probably because i need to make sure i stand up straight. or something. and advil. the word advil was in there.

now i work in a natural health store. there is a nurse who works there, too. she heard that i was having back problems and she told me to take magnesium (loosens the muscles!), then started poking at my spine.
she hit that sore spot and it was like someone was stabbing my vertebrae with a fucking needle. she held my right arm in one hand, and massaged that spot with her finger.

the pain is gone!

anyway. i went to the mall for lunch today. they make delicious wraps.

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

hey there what's up

This is a window that is in a fence next to the bus stop I wait at to get the bus home from work. I am sorry this is late, but I'm lazy and then when I decided to upload it I had hard drive / computer issues.

it is a round window in a fence

I think a lot of my shots are done while waiting for the bus here :(

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Star Trek

Mini Marathon on Saturday, we made it through 5 episodes from the first season. And a couple bottles of wine, and various snacky goodnesses.

Friday, April 2, 2010

photos in booths

have you listened to olenka and the autumn lovers yet?
they are so lovely. i adore them. very strong german influences.
i saw them at a little cafe/shop/art gallery called & (ampersand). it was not the first time they played at this venue, and spoke so very highly of it. sadly, the venue is closed and hope with all of my heart that olenka will come back!
i urge you to have a listen:
olenka & the autumn lovers on cbc radio 3

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

i'll probably never learn to play this properly


but i really should try sometime.

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