Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today was kind of a strange day

It feels like a bunch of stuff happened even though I pretty much sat here and did nothing all day...

First I got a spam email from Holland College that made my heart skip a beat. Evil.

Then I remembered Beau from napkin lifestyle wanted to use some of my photos for their site. So I sent those over, he's gonna post them next week.

Then I got a call from the 2011 Canada Games about being a volunteer photographer for the games. It was just a preliminary interview. There is an orientation in the fall and then the final decision is made, but it's still pretty exciting!!

And THEN I got a call from a prospective employer, they seemed really excited, because I had worked for another one of their locations previously. The lady on the phone knew my manager from the other location and was super enthusiastic, said she was going to forward my resume onto the tech department right away.

AND THEN MY XBOX BROKE! :( I was super bummed out at first. It friggin' worked like less than 24 hours previously. But then I checked on the warranty and it's still active :D So, free repair yay.

ANYWAY. All in all, pretty full day. Sitting here in front of my computer doing nothing... Well, I guess I played with the dog somewhere in there too. So not exactly nothing..

Here's a photo of the books stacked next to my bed:


I've only read about half of them :(

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