Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ps. I was robbed

so i have been trying to move and work full time, so my life has been insane. i've been taking my photos, but haven't been able to upload them.

well, now they will never be, because 2 weeks after moving in to my new apartment, we got robbed..

my laptop & camera were everything to me. i have come to terms with the materialistic loss. it's going to be about a $3000 hit, but it's all just stuff, right?
what disturbs me is the invasion and loss of everything on my laptop.
i literally feel like i have been personally violated.

i created a facebook note detailing the events & items stolen. i am going to paste it here, which is going to create an extremely long post. i'm really sorry...

I moved into my apartmen in the middle of April. 2 weeks later we got broken into.
Roommate 1 had her rent money stolen.
Roommate 2 had her laptop & webcam stolen. (she thinks it was a grey & black toshiba)
I had my laptop & camera stolen.

This theft happened on upper prince street around 1pm. They climbed in through a bedroom window that was open a crack.

My camera was brand new. I bought it around august. I don't even have it paid off. It was a canon T1i with a much older 18-55mm lens & a UV filter. This is odd because it's the kit lens from my old camera and all new cameras have the image stabalizing feature.
The strap (likely removed) has lots of awesome buttons.
My laptop is a 15 inch MacBook pro. The battery isnot an apple brand battery. The trackpad & keypad is well used. I had lots of stickers on the outside so there may be residue or scratch marks where they removed the sticker. It is also missing the front 2 feet on the bottom.

We've taken all of the required steps so far. Now it's just pray like fucking hell it shows up.

My life is on that laptop. I'm lost without my camera

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