Friday, May 7, 2010


It was sunny, warm and beautiful tonight after work.

I listened to ...And the Ever Expanding Universe in it's entirety on the bus home, and watched the sunset the entire time. It was amazing. I was so happy. I didn't ever want to leave that moment.

Now I'm home. It's dark. It's close to midnight. I'm sitting here alone, when I could be out having fun at a show. I work tomorrow, but not until 1pm. But I live 20km outside of the city. No money for a cab and the busses stop running at midnight. Nowhere to crash because most of my friends have already left NS.

I hate this. I have these feelings too frequently. This isn't me. I know it. Need school. Need to move. I need to get out of my parents place ASAP. I'm stagnant.

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