Saturday, January 23, 2010

Music PEI Week

what a weekend. it's been so crazy. i've only just been able to sit here to write this, the next day (even though the timestamp says saturday..). and i'm supposed to be downtown 25 minutes ago. so i'll probably have to be quick.
but knowing me, probably not...

grant lawrence from cbc radio 3 came to pei for music pei week. although, he was just here for the weekend. (and music pei week isn't exactly a week long.. more like.. 4 days or so..?)

i listen to his show a lot, and am fairly active on the blog, so i sort of already kind of know grant (in the sense that i comment on the blog during his show so we've already had some sort of interaction). martin already met him when he took that crazy cross north america trip in december.
martin messaged me on friday "um, how would you like to have supper with grant and i...?"
uuuhh. WHEN/WHERE?!? heh

i'm a fairly nervous person, so was a bit anxious about this meeting. but within 5 minutes i was pretty much at ease. (ok still nervous, but i'm ALWAYS at least a bit nervous..)
friday was pretty busy. met for supper around 8, talked for nearly 2 hours i think. went to hunter's to see 'milks & rectangles', 'the danks', 'pat deighan & the orb weavers', and 'english words'. about 1:45, martin & i ran to baba's for the tail end of 'haunted hearts'. we stayed for a bit talking to grant, which was a pretty hilarious time.

saturday, i crawled out of bed (i really don't know how i did it..) and ran to the guild. grant was giving a keynote, and i wanted to catch it. katie was also in town! after the keynote, katie met up with me & along with martin, went to formosa.
we had heard that 'nudie & the turks' were playing at the alibi for naked brunch from 2 till 5 (which isn't really brunch i guess...)
then we gathered at kim's place for a couple of drinks before heading to the awards show. then to the after party. then to the after after party.

i have no idea what time i got home. 4:30? 5?

now i'm about to run out the door to go to baba's again. this time for comedy night.

grant got a taste of how we do things on the east coast. i guess we like to party?

also: two hours traffic didn't get a single award. uhoh?

(i definitely didn't proof read this. sorry.)

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Blogger Martin Cathrae said...

Great recap and writeup! I concur with all the above! :)

January 24, 2010 at 10:35 PM  
Anonymous Katie G. said...

It's ok that you didn't proofread. I didn't see any glaring errors and it all made sense.

January 25, 2010 at 6:37 AM  

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