Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i previously mentioned and art gallery i'm participating in for music pei week. the reception was tonight, and i have to say, it went better than i ever expected.

a few people came up to me to make comments about my work. it was really nice, and really positive. i left with a pretty big smile on my face.

i've been stressing about my presentation of my work. i guess it was pretty decent, though.

i still see places that could use improvement, of course. lessons learned for next time.

it started to snow those awesome flakes on the way home. big enough to have a shadow just before they touch the ground.. looking up, my lashes became covered in snowflakes...

i purposely left this next bit for the last, and not the first. i find when i send someone more than one question, they almost always only answer the last one.

i've noticed there are a lot of benefits for haiti. it's been amazing watching them all crop up. it almost seems like the whole world came together. it's been cited as the worst natural disaster in the western hemisphere.


i don't know a whole lot about haiti. i should know more. i do know that they've had way more than their share of struggles. and that most of us could not possibly comprehend the level of devastation haiti is facing right now.

anyway. i came across this post on cbc radio 3, and thought it was really neat. just check your speaker volume before clicking on it. they also have a link to a list of great places to donate to. (if you click on anything here, please let it be that. lets spread the word!)

there is also this happening at baba's

and this happening at the alibi

and this happening at the charlottetown seaport

there is also a list over at NxEW of benefit shows all across canada. if you know of one happening in your area, feel free to post a comment there to add it to the list.

donating to a registered charity will be matched by the government. i know the red cross is involved in this.
information about the governments plan to match donations.

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