Monday, February 22, 2010

toolips tulips

blogger seems to be acting weird in opera. i can't use the "edit html" tab, i have to use the "compose" tab. i really need to give google chrome a try.
yes, i know, there's firefox. it crashes constantly, though.

anyway. i dug out the close-up filters tonight. it's been awhile since i've used them with any regularity. the depth of field is insane! which can be fun, or can be annoying...
i should have have a white card to make the left side a bit brighter.

formosa tea house used to give out scented tulips. it's a nice scent, although i'm glad it's wearing off. i've had a migraine all day. every single sound, glimmer of light, scent was torture.
my uncle was shoveling outside and it sort of felt like ice picks in my brain.
naturally, this meant the phone rang off the hook and people kept ringing the doorbell.

sorry. unless you are screaming bloody murder, i'm not moving.

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