Friday, January 1, 2010

This is lame, I know

Moe has been prodding me to make the first post (last I heard she's still in her PJ's right now.) The problem was that I hadn't been home in about 24 hours (with not much opportunity to take any photos anyway) and I only had my P&S with me, AND I forgot my memory card like an idiot AND my camera only has room for about 2 photos on internal memory. So on top of that and trying to catch busses home...this is kind of a last minute "we said we were going to start this Jan 1st so we should probably at least do something" kind of post.

I took this photo while waiting for the bus on the Bedford highway..oh about 2 or 3 hours ago. I know it isn't anything special, I just thought it was really neat that there are still phone booths out there with the old school "MT&T" logo. My mom has worked for them for about 35 years and she says the last time this logo was used was back in the 70's. It's interesting to me how little things like this can fall through the cracks.

Ok Moe, you're up next.


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Anonymous moe said...

i didn't know that about the logo! crazy!

in theory a project like this makes sense to start on january first
...but not so much in practicality. cause... you know... it being the day after NEW YEARS EVE and all.. :P

ps. still in my jammies. aw yeah.

January 1, 2010 at 7:33 PM  

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